Office Location:		3570 Airline Hwy, Hollister, CA  95023		
			Telephone: 	     		(831) 637-4670
			Fax:             	 		(831) 637-1399 

						District Board Meetings   
			The Sunnyslope County Water District is governed by a 5-member Board of Directors
			elected by the public to serve four-year terms.  The Board conducts its regular 
			meetings on the 3rd Tuesday (effective September 2014, formerly 2nd Wednesday) 
			of the month at 5:15 p.m. in the District office on Airline Highway.  The public 
			is invited and encouraged to attend. 

			Agendas are posted at the District office and on the District's web site and 
			provide an opportunity for public comments.  When scheduling conflicts occur, 
			the regular meetings may be re-scheduled to a different day.  Special meetings, 
			public hearings, and study sessions are also scheduled periodically as needed 
			and are open to the public.  Please call the office to confirm meeting dates.  

			The Board and staff of the District are committed to providing customers with 
			the highest quality service in the most cost effective, reliable, and 
			environmentally sensitive manner.  The Board and staff of the District are also 
			committed to providing prompt, efficient, and courteous customer service. 

			The District operates as a special district to provide local service in 
			accordance with the California State Water Code.  The District is responsible 
			directly to the customers of the District.  It is not an arm of the federal, 
			county or city governments or other water agencies.  

			Your Board of Directors sets policies and ordinances for the District on the 
			basis of facts and the best interests of customers in the District, and not on 
			opinions or political considerations.

			Sunnyslope County Water district has been successful in achieving its goals and 
			objectives since 1954 because it is a special district.  Special districts are 
			created by local voters to meet specific local needs that they themselves have 
			identified.  Special districts are directly accountable and responsive to the 
			public who elects directors to govern districts. 

			As a special district, Sunnyslope County Water District Board members are able 
			to adopt a specific vision and focus on carrying out their charge to use 
			resources to provide water and wastewater service to customers, rather than 
			being spread among multiple functions.  

			Costs are directly tied to providing service.  Fees and rates for water, sewer, 
			and connection fees, are directly tied to the cost for providing those services 
			rather than being funded to unrelated functions.  Sunnyslope County Water District 
			customers can have confidence knowing their dollars are being used to maintain a 
			good quality, reliable water supply.   

             			 Your Elected Board Members

               			 Historical List of Past Board Members 
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